I hear they're out there.

Oh, I don't see them much, in fact the only rallies and gatherings in the Tri-Cities I know of have been thrown by Trump supporters....on land, on the water, in the air, and just like in 2016, the outward overwhelming support of Columbia Basin types are for the President, flying flags, erecting fortified and/or electrified yard signs, all for the GOP ticket.

Democrats around here, for the last election cycle, were basically non-existent in their outward support for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Maybe they thought it was in the bag and/or they didn't need to bother turning out to vote.

The Ridin' with Biden Car Rally is this Saturday, October 17. It was supposed to be last Saturday, but meh, the amazing weather was going to turn crummy, so it was called off for a week.

Ridin With Biden

That would never happen at a Trump get together, by golly, a Trump rally would go off as scheduled, mostly maskless, rain or shine or howling winds or whatever....if you ain't suffering, you ain't for Trump, or something like that, snowflake.

Support for the current administration can be seen everywhere around the tri-towns, but, much to my surprise, this time, some people are putting Biden/Harris signs in their yards and on their cars.

A while ago, I was so surprised I saw a couple of Republicans for Biden signs, I thought I'd better snap a picture and post about it before it became extinct. Heck, there was even ONE report of a Biden/Harris sign vandalism mishap. Hey man, that only happens to Trump signs. Last presidential cycle, no one even bothered to mess with Hillary signs that weren't there.

Getty Images

So now, I'm hoping we get to see the rare Tri-City Democrat on display with fellow donkeys following a path from WSU Tri-Cities to some places they'll find out where they're going to when they get there and score a route map.

I'm sure these people exist. It's not a mirage. However, someone will have to show photographic proof of this so we can all believe it's not fake news. I just might have to go and attend myself, and witness these strange creatures, coming out and making their presence known, weather permitting of course, two weeks and change away from the big day, November 3rd.

Ridin' With Biden

Are you Ridin with Biden? Show your support in a decorated vehicle and join like minded voters in a fun rally thru Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. Meet up at the parking lot of WSU Tri-Cities in Richland at 10am October 17th. This event is not sponsored by WSU, we are merely using the public property parking lot as a staging area. We’ll share a map at the start, so if you get cut off at a stop light just continue the route. Social distancing and masks required at pre and post staging areas. Local candidates are encouraged to decorate with their signage. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. This event is supported by Tri-City Democrats, Benton County Democrats and Franklin County Democrats. Please share widely