I was SO nervous to transplant my avocado tree into a pot, but I was also nervous when I chopped it in half a few months back and that didn't kill it so we will continue to press forward with growing cool stuff from seeds.

Nature is wild and so interesting. Patience is a virtue but once things start rocking and rolling the changes seem to come daily. Caring for your plant, checking the soil and learning how much is too much water is what I have been focused on.

Side note, it's a really good idea to always use pots with some sort of drainage system. I fell in love with the color and style of the pot I chose to use for my avocado plant so instead of buying something else or creating holes I researched and discovered active charcoal on the bottom helps to soak up when you overwater. The big question though, how would I know. Oh, you'll know.

Once I planted it and began watering I noticed what looked like white dust on top so I researched again and discovered it's a harmless mold that's easy to get rid of. I also learned an easy way to check the soil to know it's time for watering. Basically you stick your finger in the soil about two inches down and if it is dry, it's time to water. If you do it all the time you'll begin to get a feel the different between wet, damp and dry. When you do water, try not to dump it in, slowly water until the top looks evenly moist and if you can manage to make daily maintenance a part of your routine you'll be amazed out how well your plants respond, I know I was!

We spend so much time on our phones, this a specific break from technology, a great way to connect with your plants and a nice moment to grab some zen in your life. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy it, especially now that my plants are getting bigger. I haven't arrived at the stage where I'm naming things but the year is still young.

Even after Winnie took a chomp of one of the avocado tree leaves, it still thrived. Once I began watering it correctly and moved it the sunnier side of the kitchen counter it really has begun to take off. Part of my morning routine is getting up with the sun, opening the blinds and bringing the lemon tree down from the top of the fridge to soak up the morning sunshine. I've noticed a ton of new growth in just under a week since they've been getting vitamin D and my attitude is reaping the benefits of it as well. Check it out!

Lemon and Avocado Trees

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