Woohoo! I suppose writing the good, the bad, and the ugly honestly each week about how my garden grows is a bit of therapy for me. I mentioned last week I was SERIOUSLY struggling to continue watering everything. The heatwave just knocked out all my extra energy and I even noticed my mood was suffering but after sharing, I felt a bit more motivated and have begun watering in full force again. Good thing too because LOTS of things are happening.

The baby Dill pumpkin is turning into a beast. I'm glad there's enough room for it to expand because not only has it taken over about 12 feet of fencing it's beginning to move out as well. It's like doubling in size every day and there are two pumpkins that are beginning to form, one on each end. I did a bit of research and before they get too big I'll place some cardboard underneath to help keep them fresh and no bug rot. They could be the average 300-400 pound pumpkins or I could beat the record of 1,100 pounds. Only time will tell but either way, it's been one of the most satisfying experiences to watch daily.

My grape bushes are really beginning to take off so I'll need to figure out what kind of training I should do to keep them strong and tamed...if that's a thing.

Finally, I went for it and chopped my avocado tree in half. You're supposed to do that each time it hits 12 inches, cut it back to six so it will grow branches. If you don't your tree could get up to 60 or 80 feet, making picking avocados, if it actually produces really challenging. I was nervous to chop it but with the support of my husband cheering me along, snip and boom! She is back down to six inches. Fingers crossed she thrives from it. How does your garden grow?

Early Morning Watering

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