The peonies have been planted and it looks like there could be some tulips starting to peek through around the yard. I didn't know I had tulips but that's the fun part about spring inching closer and closer in a new home

Sarah Johnson
And so it begins

I'd mentioned using plastic jugs last week to start seedlings in, I've been keeping them but have yet to put anything together. That's was when I remembered I'd put a lemon seed in a Ziploc bag and what do you know, it sprouted!

Sarah Johnson
I decided to save a really nice lemon seed

You could use this for any type of seed you'd like to get moving faster. Try not to forget them, I also had a bunch of squash seeds, I never wrote what kind and they were going great until they weren't and needed to be thrown out.

It's a super easy process. Take a damp paper towel and place the seed you want to sprout in the middle and pop it in a Ziploc bag and throw it in a dark place. Maybe make a note of the date on your phone and set a reminder to check in a week or so. Honestly, I can't remember how long the lemon seed was in the bag, so I was SO happy when I pulled it out and it looked super healthy with nice roots.

This is my first time growing a lemon tree, not sure exactly what will happen but for now, I am going to be keeping it indoors and watering occasionally. I've watched a few TikToks that say placing your container in a bowl of water and letting the roots soak up as much as they want is best. Better than pouring water on top but to each their own.

Growing a Lemon Tree

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