According to a new survey by Quaker State, the average American says a car isn't "old" until it hits 147,000 miles. And most people say your car should last for 200,000 miles before you retire it.

Not surprisingly, more than two-thirds of people say a car's mileage is a better way to measure how old it is than the year it was made. Miles are a good indicator for knowing how old your car is getting, and when it is time to upgrade.

If you are not car savvy it may be difficult to know when you need a new car, maybe the following will help. Taken from the hilarious site, the top 5 signs you need a new car:

  1. Your exhaust trail has caused so much environmental damage; Al Gore turned in his Nobel Peace Prize and headed straight for a gun shop.
  2. Tires by Firestone; brakes by Flintstone.
  3. Your genuine stegosaurus-hide upholstery is beginning to crack.
  4. When you park, you put a "Vehicle Not Abandoned" sign in the window.
  5. Your mechanic charges you a "pain and suffering" fee.


Isn't a pain and suffering fee standard at most shops these days?

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