Celebrities have done their best to shame big game hunters after a dentist accidentally killed a beloved lion in Zimbabwe. Hunters have been depicted as soul-less, selfish demons this summer. That didn't stop a 70-year-old Pendleton woman, grandmother of five, from taking up the sport!

A Pendleton native, Dotty Judy used to follow her husband on hunting trips to read or take photographs. A few years ago she decided to try hunting herself and her husband was excited to teach her. This summer she's been shooting with a Ruger 30-06 that hurt her shoulder at first, but she got used to it.

Dotty won a big-game tag in the Oregon wildlife lottery so she and her husband went to the Steens Mountain area where she shot a 100-lb. buck. They now have 50+ pounds of meat in their freezer. It's no different than buying meat from a grocery store, she said, only this way she gets to learn new things, enjoy hobbies with her husband, practice a difficult skill and get some exercise in the breath-taking outdoors!

[SOURCE: East Oregonian Newspaper]