I've actually written a couple dozen songs in my life, but up until the last two...I was never able to write the guitar parts ,because I'm still learning guitar. Most of my songs, other people have put the music to and are probably far better. But, I was quite proud to be able to write and play this little song I just wrote. It's a small step, but a big one for me!

I didn't follow ANY structured "song writers" rules. But, instead, just wrote how I was feeling. I tried to start the song with what makes me most happy, but of course there is a sad vein running through the song as well as you know,  I'm still getting over a recent break up.

So here is the song, raw and real and it's a bit embarrassing, but you all know me way to well to let that bother me so here it is. I hope you find something in it to like! :)