I'll admit it I've been a smoker for many years. Not a heavy smoker and for the last several years I've smoked mini filtered flavored cigars. I know still smoke in the lungs and still bad for your health. A bout of bronchitis back in November prompted me to quit smoking and I decided to make it forever. It's pretty easy when you're sick but when I got better I did have some cravings so I tried one of those e-cigs which seem to be everywhere these days. Since like flavors I bought a berry flavored disposable e-cig and guess what it really works. I have not had a real smoke since November 3rd. I really think I can make it permanent this time.

If you're thinking of quitting this year the Tri-Cities Cancer Center offers FREE smoking cessation classes at the center in Kennewick. This program will help you identify triggers, come up with ways to beat them, and discuss the use of stress reduction and nicotine replacement therapy. The “e-cigarette” will be discussed and demonstrated. First time participants will be offered the choice of nicotine replacement patches or nicotine gum. While supplies last.

Good luck you can Do It!!


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