My house only has one little bathroom. I haven't renovated because that's a TON of work and very expensive. But recently I came up with another idea: build one outside!

I don't mean an out house. It'd have a flushing toilet and a shower -- with electricity. I'd probably tile everything.

I'll buy brick blocks for walls. I know it sounds stupid but it's becoming the new thing -- haven't you seen people with a master suite with a shower or bathtub on their deck?

I have the deck, and for me to build a structure around it would be cheap -- way cheaper than remodeling.

It's either that or ripping out the walls and combining my little bathroom and laundry room so it's one great big room. I could hide the washer/dryer in the bathroom behind bi-fold doors.

Either way, I'd order a rock sink. I LOVE rock sinks: