Most people from the state of Washington shiver when the name Ted Bundy is mentioned. One of the world's most infamous serial killers grew up in Tacoma Washington where he later preyed on and murdered many women beginning in the 1970's.

Ted Budy's house

The modest home located in Tacoma Washington was recently purchased with plans of renovation in order to flip the property. The new owner however, did not research the properties history.... after all who really does that anyway?

Well strange things started happening at the property while under construction...

According to a news story from Seattle's KIRO 7 News

A cry for help appeared on a window as crew members worked in the basement. Heavy furniture wedged into a wall toppled over. Doors and cabinets seemed to open themselves, said Clopton, the contractor.

It creeped out the contractor so bad he went as far as writing Bible verses on the walls to having clergy come to bless the home!

Bundy grew up in the home from age 9 until he moved out. Some believe his murder spree began at age 14 when a little in the area disappeared!




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