It has been 15 years since America's most prolific serial killer Gary Ridgeway (AKA The Green River Killer) was caught for killing at least 49 women but probably more like 70. Earlier this month Seattle detectives continued their search for his victims...

Green River Killer

In order to save himself from the death penalty Ridgeway agreed to lead authorities to several of his dump sites and many women still remain missing. Authorities will continue to search for the missing for many years to come to try and give closure to the families.

At the time of his December 18, 2003 sentencing, authorities had been able to find at least 48 sets of remains, including victims not originally attributed to the Green River Killer.

In related news Ridgeway was moved back to Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla in 2015 because of public outcry and continues to live in solitary confinement at the eastern Washington maximum security prison.


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