There comes a moment for every binger where you've wrapped up all the shows you enjoy and you have to begin to search for a newb. This can be tough coming off the high of several successful seasons and going into something completely different. You're almost too picky -- and when it comes to our household, if it doesn't grab you relatively quickly, you've lost half the audience.

We began searching for a new show last week and my husband stumbled on "Mindhunters." Only one season, with a new one dropping Friday (Aug. 16). Moving forward with no spoilers, here are the basics of why you should watch this show:

  1. If you enjoy shows about true crime stories. Nailed it!
  2. Ever wanted to step into the mind of a serial killer? You don't have to answer that, but you will find it here
  3. The interviews and the acting are OMG!
  4. That guy is HUGE. You will know who I am talking about once you begin watching.
  5. I will admit when I was younger I read up on one of the killers interviewed in the first season and it was fascinating but incredibly creepy at the same time to watch
  6. What a terrifying job
  7. I am hooked!

Here is what is in store for season two

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