Is It Ilegal To Hang Stuff From Your Car's Mirror In Washington State?

Almost every driver loves to hang a lucky charm or air freshener from their rearview mirror, I once had a Flash ornament hanging from the mirror in my red Mustang.


Can I Hang A Disabled Person's Permit On My Car Mirror In Washington State?

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the legality of hanging items from your car mirror in many states, particularly in Washington.

So, let's dive into the law and find out if you can put your beloved hula dancer on display.

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To answer the question simply, it is illegal to hang objects from your car mirror in Washington State. The law that prohibits this is RCW 46.37.410

This is because hanging items from your mirror can obstruct your view of the road, potentially causing an accident.


This statute is not just reserved for interior mirrors but also covers side mirrors, and, importantly, it applies to anything that can hinder your view.

This includes fuzzy dice, GPS devices, or even an air freshener that blocks your side view.

Though the statute is clear, interpretations usually depend on the individual law enforcement officer who pulls you over.

The citing of the RCW 46.37.410 can include anything obstructing a driver’s view and officers could even cite drivers for license plate frames that ‘cover part of the wording or numbers required to be on the plate


But what about disability parking permits? Can you hang those from your car mirror?

It’s a question that frequently arises, particularly for disabled drivers who rely on permits to secure accessible parking. The short answer is yes.

However, it’s essential to remember that the permit must be the only item hanging from the mirror, and it must ‘clearly indicate that it is a disabled permit'.

So if you have ever wondered if those fuzzy dice are an issue, it could be if an officer wanted to push the subject so now you know, better safe than sorry and avoid that rare occasion where you might get a ticket.

You can read more details about the law here.


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