My friend in California posted on FB that it was her daughters 21st Bday. With all that was going on her daughter was disappointed that her first "bar" experience was ruined. So she said this is what I want to do - I want you to legally buy her first drink. Drink, Then take pics. So they went to a Burger Bar which had White Claw and beer on tap. Took an Uber home talking having a good time.

Afterwards, they had some of those Vodka Buzz Balls. These things have 15% alcohol. By midnight, everyone was feeling good. No one was sloshed or out of control. Just relaxing, talking, connecting, celebrating and having a good time, responsibly.

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When the night was over, Mom made her daughter drink water to the amount of her alcohol intake. Mom had her take two ibuprofen, placed a bucket next to her bed and tucked her in. She was fine the next morning.

This story is almost exactly mirrors my experience oldest daughter. AS my daughter was preparing to turn 21, she asked us to take her out and show her how to navigate bars and alcohol. Her mom and I did talked about it. This was a conversation we never expected. Kinda snuck up on us. Her mom and I talked about this and decided it was better for us to show her the ropes rather than her inexperienced friends or worse - a stranger at a bar. We also talked about the genetics on both sides of our family. It was a positive that neither one of our families had alcoholism in our family. In all, we were comfortable showing her the ropes.We taught her to respect what alcohol can do to you. How being responsible is paramount.

We decided to take her out and bar hop a bit. We had a few drinks, took an Uber home.

This was a couple years ago. To this day, Briana has very little use for alcohol and knows how to properly order a Manhattan (Bulliet Rye, always). More importantly, she knows what and WHO to look out for (as in covering your drinks ladies?)

I never worry about her with drinking. We taught her to do it right. That this is for special occasions and celebrating. Not something you do every weekend. It for treasured moments.

A couple years later, my daughter is one of the most healthy, balanced people I know. She turned out well. If my youngest (who is now in high school) asks me to do the same for her, I would be honored. Better me to show them how to manage drinking and alcohol then being taught by her inexperienced friends or worse, a total stranger.

Does this resonate with you? Or is this wrong?

All My Best,

The JimShow

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