Can Washington State Public Schools Still Spank Your Child?

I'll never forget Lincoln Middle School in Clarkston Washington in 1982. It was the year I saw two of my classmates get hacked for disrupting the classroom.


Are Washington State Teachers Allowed To Physically Discipline My Child?

I remember it like it was today. Two of my buddies, Ashley and Guy had been horsing around in our 7th grade math glass.

The teacher had finally had enough of it and sent them both to the principal's office.

They both received "hacks" or were spanked by the Principal at the time. They weren't very happy about it and they were the talk of the school for a few days.

I did ask them afterward if their parents were called and they said yes.

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It's been years since I was in school but it got me thinking, Is corporal punishment still allowed in Washington State public schools?

Here is what I discovered:

In Washington State, spanking and hacks are not legal disciplinary methods in public schools and have not been allowed for several years.

The state has strict guidelines and laws surrounding school discipline, including prohibiting the use of corporal punishment, such as spanking, and ensuring any disciplinary actions are non-discriminatory and non-punitive.

iStock via Getty Images
iStock via Getty Images

It looks like a law was passed in 1983, one year after Ashley and Guy received their hacks.

In 15 states, it's still legal to spank a child in public schools and those states mainly in the South still allow corporal punishment.

For Washington State, it's a no-go and I've included a link here in this article if you believe your child or children have been unjustly punished by a school official through corporal punishment.

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