You probably all know that I've been struggling for years to play the guitar, and no matter how hard it is, I have committed myself to continue on in my lessons in hopes that someday I will be a decent guitar player.

Well, it certainly helps that I happen to have a boyfriend who is a guitar player and whom I also play in a band with. But, none the is something that does NOT come easy for me!

I am getting better though and recently learned the "Slide Lick" to use during solos.

If you yourself are interested in getting better at guitar you can look at the free videos on my boyfriends website!

He teaches one on one as well but he has free tutorial instruction online. And it's really cool and makes learning how to play much easier than what I tried in the past.

So feel free to check it out. And you can now be proud of me! As I can now do the "Slide Lick"  Whoooo Hooo!

Do you think learning an instrument at my age is silly? I figure I'll be super good by the time I'm about 80!  Plus, I heard it helps keep you from getting Alzheimer's. Is there an instrument you've always wanted to play but thought it was too late for you?

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