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According to information released by the Washington State Attorney General's Office and The Center Square, WA state is receiving $1.1 billion from opioid lawsuist that were spearheaded by WA State AG Bob Ferguson.

 Walmart one of the businesses paying in the lawsuit settlement

11 companies were named in the suit, which claimed the opioid 'epidemic' was fueled by marketing and pushing drugs on consumers that led to overuse and abuse. Some were large national retailers, some were pharmacies, and it included Walmart (pharmacy).

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Last October, according to The Center Square, 125 local governments in the state who were considered "eligible" to receive funding from the suit signed onto a settlement or resolution, resulting from Ferguson's previous lawsuits against businesses and pharmaceutical companies.

King County will receive the largest share of the money, while Benton and Franklin Counties will receive just over $11 million and $3 million respectively. To see the breakdown of where the opioid Walmart money is going, click here. 

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