It doesn't really feel like Spring. Are you set for another round of winter weather?

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According to the National Weather Service in Pendleton, Oregon, a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the east slopes of the Washington Cascade Mountains. Heavy snow is expected in the higher elevations.

8 to 14" of new snowfall is predicted with wind gusts at 35-45 mph.


I-90 east of Snoqualmie Summit is expected to receive light snow accumulations. In fact, the probability for more than 2" is 20%. It doesn't matter. We've had more than our fair share of Winter.

National Weather Service-Pendleton-Facebook
National Weather Service-Pendleton-Facebook

The deadline to remove studded tires in Washington is March 31st. If you have them on in April, you risk receiving a $137 fine.

Mountain snow is expected in higher elevations at or above 4000 feet. Motorists should be prepared. Expect difficult travel in the mountains and overpasses. Motorists are encouraged to check current travel conditions in Washington online with WSDOT and in Oregon with

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