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Puget Sound Energy

Pacific Power has released a series of incentives for consumers, related to electric vehicles.

   Pacific Power offering credits, incentives

Pacific Power serves consumers in the Yakima, Toppenish, and Sunnyside areas, as well as Walla Walla, Dayton, and Pendelton among its service locations around the Pacific Northwest.

The Portland-based energy company, which first began in 1910, is offering a new round of rebates for consumers as an incentive to consider an electric vehicle.

  Consumers and business owners can get up to a $1,000 rebate for installing a charging port in a residential or business location.  The average cost, according to multiple sources, of installing a 240-volt charging port in a residence is anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 if the home does not already have the 240-volt capability.

Most homes do, as most clothes dryers require 240.  There are companies that sell portable EV chargers that can plug into the standard home dryer outlet. However, these would require disconnecting the dryer when you wish to charge an EV.

As for the alternative, public charging, in areas served by Pacific Power, there are 25 in Yakima and 23 in Walla Walla, for example. This is according to chargehub.com. However, the bulk of these are Level 2, or midrange stations.

There are 3 levels of vehicle charging with level 1 being 'trickle charging,' usually involving a portable charger than can plug into any home outlet. Then level 2 is mid-range, and level 3 is the equivalent of the rapid-charge feature on your cellphone.

To install a Level 3 rapid charge station in your home would add several thousand dollars to the afore-mentioned cost of a charging port.

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Public charging stations do cost money, so Pacific Power and other utilities are trying to encourage consumers to utilize rebates as an incentive to get an EV.

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