City of Pasco
City of Pasco

Now that the City of Pasco voted to lift the moratorium on retail pot business, the question is, what could be the potential landing areas for any of the 4 stores?

State restrictions limit locations

Pasco voted to allow pot stores in Commercial zones c-1, 2, and 3, and industrial zones I-1,2 and 3.  These are the colored areas in the map photo, light and darker pink and red. The Liquor Control Board has the following limits:

"Cannot be within 1,000’ of an elementary or secondary school, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park, public transit center, library, or any game arcade (where admission is not restricted to people age 21 and over)."

That distance is considered a straight line, so for starters, this would eliminate a number of zones in West Pasco, just off I-182 near the soccer fields by GESA Stadium.

Several parcels between Chapel Hill Boulevard and St. Thomas Drive would be out because of a baseball-softball field.  Several parcels near Road 40 and Court Street would be out (commercial) because of proximity to Mark Twain Elementary School.

A number of retail zones south of Court St. and 22nd Ave. would be out because they are too close to Pasco High School. This includes athletic playfields. A small scattering of zones would potentially be too close to Edgar Brown Stadium.

Another group of industrial-zoned areas on West "A" street would be out, because they are across the street from the Pasco Little League Baseball complex and Walters Field.

Yet another cluster near Longfellow Elementary School would be out as well, due to the 1,000-foot buffer.

 These are just a few of the instances we found, you also have to consider the rest of the city park system and any potential daycare venues. Also affecting the location will be what real estate is available to potential store owners.

One of the potential areas causing a lot of discussions is the possibility of one landing in the Downtown Pasco area.

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