Oh, the mischievous raccoon, the little burglar, or the cuddly trash panda. Always cute to watch. On a screen, safely away from their little hands and sharp little teeth. Causing adorable chaos wherever they go, and it appears nowhere is safe from their menace, especially Spokane, Washington.

Thank goodness for the warning that appeared on a traffic control sign at Northwest Boulevard near West Alice Avenue last Wednesday morning. That warning? “Angry Raccoons Ahead!


Although it wasn’t true… well, it could have been, it probably was, but the warning itself was the work of a prankster who hacked into the sign, according to the co-owner of Spokane Traffic Control, Mike Beggs.

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To the best of Begg’s memory, this is the first time a sign had been hacked in the 2 decades he’s been with the business.

“Poking a dead raccoon is not research.” (S16E4)

The hack is believed to be done on the physical machine with the locks being twisted open and someone gaining access to the “brains” in order to change the sign. Commuters noticed the warning, some amused took selfies with the sign, and eventually, the city was informed of the odd message.

The message appeared throughout the morning, warning drivers of the angry masked trash bandits before the sign was fixed. At the time of the writing, there is no clue who the hacker was, but one thing is for sure… we can NOT rule out a super-intelligent raccoon!


So, is Spokane being terrorized by angry raccoons? Probably not, but if it ever does, we must remember, that there were signs... at least one.

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