What Does The Weather Look Like For The Rest Of January 2024 In WA State?

As I'm seeing the temps rise in the Tri-Cities over the next few days, we will start seeing a lot more rain in the forecast.

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As More Rain Falls In Washington State, Should We Be Concerned About Flooding?

It isn't your imagination as Washington State will experience a ton of rainfall through the end of January.

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Just when you thought we were done with the snow, rain showers will now dominate thanks to an atmospheric river that'll bring a series of storms to the Pacific Northwest.

An atmospheric river is a weather-term that means a continuous cycle of moisture will keep dropping rain throughout Washington and Oregon.

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As reported by Accuweather.com:

"The heaviest rain is likely to fall over the Olympic Mountains, as well as Vancouver Island and southwestern British Columbia," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Heather Zehr Zehr. "Some places can pick up a foot of rain or more with persistent rounds of heavy rainfall over the same area over several days."

Accuweather.com also reported that Portland had 7.5 inches of rain and Seattle is closing in on 5 inches of rainfall for January.

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All in all, it means a wetter January in the Pacific Northwest, and flooding concerns have officials cautious.

For the Tri-Cities over the next 10 days, we are looking at continued scattered rain showers with highs in the 40s and lows at night in the 30s.

You can read more about the current state of the weather here.

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