Each month we choose a Teacher of the month to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Lucky Flowers...This months winner is Katrina Hovde-Kutchkau who teaches Math at Kamiakin High in Kennewick and the story is so heart warming

Lucky Flowers Teacher of the Month

Submitted by Gloria Figueroa

She was at first a simple teacher who showed she cared for her students at first. I became depressed my freshman year and sophomore year I attempted suicide and landed in a hospital for months. When I came back she was the only one who helped me to get caught up and if I ever felt like giving up she pushed me to keep moving. She gave me a reason to keep pushing and after a while I met who I believed was my true love and got pregnant at only 16. She was there through it all and was so supportive. She is the reason why I keep finding a reason to smile. She helped me through the pregnancy and even now after the pregnancy. She has even started a local moms group for teens!! She has gone way above her role as a teacher, she was a friend a mother a teacher a sister and so much more for me.

Congratulations to Katrina Hovde-Kutchkau you obviously made a huge impact on this student!!

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