Each month we select a new Teacher of the Month that our listeners nominate. This time our winner is a teacher at Carmichael Middle School in Richland.

Lucky Flowers Teacher of the Month

"Hi, I'd like to nominate Mr Ryder. He's a middle school teacher at Carmichael middle school in Richland. I would like to nominate my daughter's teacher Mr Ryder because of what a positive example he is to my daughter every day!

This is her first year in middle school and she was so nervous to start middle school! She had a tough year the other year and her dreams of becoming a teacher was tarnished. However, Mr Ryder is such a great teacher that from day one Chloe has come home everyday with a huge smile on her face. Mr Ryder sincerely cares about each one of his students and they LOVE him!!

He's funny and helps the kids learn on a level that works for them with daily encouragement and a positive attitude!!

I know this teacher is highly respected and recommended by his team and staff members and I can see why. He has made a huge impact in my daughters self-esteem and she has grown greatly already this year. Because I had to work during parent teacher conferences I missed meeting him and thanking him.

So Mr. Ryder thank you from the bottom of my heart for uplifting my child, making her see that wonderful person that she is, for encouraging her, for making her laugh and seeing the good in this world, for helping Chloe feel inspired to fulfill her dreams of teaching someday.

And, I will have to admit our whole family gets a kick out of how funny you are when we hear Chloe excitedly talk about her "best day ever" every day at the dinner table. Your approach to teaching not only has positively impacted Chloe and every class member you teach, but you have also has positively impacted the our home.

Thank you Mr. Ryder!!! Yes, we all know you love apple pie :)"

Submitted by Adelle Mains

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