If you've been over near Gum Street near the Cable Bridge in Kennewick, you've seen the sign a million times and that sign is about to come down. 

The former City Stars Strip Club in Kennewick will soon be a thing of the past as the sign comes down this weekend.

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When Is The City Stars Sign Coming Down?

There is going to be an official sign-removal event tomorrow starting at 10 AM and going to 11 AM as the former Gentlemen's Club sign will be no more.

Who Bought The Old City Stars Strip Club Building In Kennewick?

The new owner of the property is Jared Walther. He bought the old downtown Kennewick strip club and is opening a Mexican grocery store there.

According to an article in the Tri-Cities Journal Of Business, Walther purchased the property for $1.2 million and will soon convert it into a lease-to-own arrangement for the property.

What's Going To Happen To The Old Strip Club Building On Gum Street In Kennewick?

Walther says in the article that he's a big fan of downtown Kennewick and would like to purchase more properties along the avenue.
He recently purchased the Bateman building for $2.5 million which houses the Sportspage bar.
Walther's company is interested in supporting a 23-unit sober shelter that is also in the Bateman building.
The City Stars club was once the Lucky Bridge Casino closed during the pandemic and the property had been put up for sale.
Walther says the sign is coming down on October 16th at 10 AM and work has already begun on renovating the interior of the building.
The new store will be on my way from home from work at the radio station so I can't wait to see what the new grocery store will look like and can't wait to shop there.
You can get more details on the renovations and new grocery store here

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