I always say there's never a cop around when you need them but apparently karma decided to pay back a motorist recently when an off-duty Sheriff's Office employee helped apprehend a reckless motorcyclist.

You can't write this stuff folks but apparently this juvenile had been let off of the same charges weeks earlier and didn't seem to learn anything from his second chance. This is how the story unveiled from the Adams County Sheriff's Department in Ritzville.

Yesterday afternoon, Off duty Sheriff’s Office employee was traveling south on Broadway Ave. and E. Wahluke St. in his personal vehicle. A subject on an off road Kawasaki motorcycle entered the roadway at a high speed and lifted the front wheel of the motorcycle and rode on the back wheel only, while dangerously passing several cars. The subject continued south on Broadway Ave this way for approx 1/4 mile. The motorcycle was not set up for road use and was clearly an off road bike.

The subject made several other reckless maneuvers in and out of traffic that caused other vehicles to use emergency braking and have to slow to use extra precautions while driving.

The subject on the motorcycle continued south on HWY24 not stopping at intersections and then onto the canal.

He then re-entered HWY 24, still south. He road south along the side of the roadway that faces oncoming traffic. He again lifted the front wheel as vehicles heading toward him as he rode approx 1/4 mile again.

The off duty Sheriff’s employee had phoned the Sheriff’s office and advised them of the subjects reckless behavior on the motorcycle.

On duty Deputies responded and followed the subject onto the irrigation canal near Bailey Rd. The subject refused to stop and used several side roads and field roads in an attempt to elude Deputies.

The subject came to a stop on Atkinson Rd where the off duty Sheriff employee ( who clearly identified himself as a police officer) made contact and and advised the subject that he was being followed by the Sheriff’s Deputies and he needed to wait for them. The subject refused to give info or remove his helmet.

As on duty Deputies approached, the subject kick started his bike and again proceeded to elude the Deputies on roadways and canal roads.

The subject was identified and deputies went to his residence where the subject was located.

The subject was identified as a juvenile ( cannot be named) that had had been arrested a month earlier for reckless driving on a street motorcycle. He was released at that time.

This time he was arrested and booked into Martin hall, his bike was impounded and he will be dealt with appropriately.

Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. We hope the message is clear this time. Subject was charged with attempting to elude police which encompasses reckless driving.

Normally the Sheriff’s Office is fairly forgiving in situations like this, but when direct reckless and complete disregard for the laws and safety of others we will take action.

It seems like a third chance wasn't in the cards for this guy but I'm thankful when an off-duty officer steps up to expend a little karma! You can read more about the incident on the Adams County Facebook page here.

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