Anchors away!

Lady Gaga showed off her latest tattoo — on the left side of her shapely body, of course, since that’s where she puts all of her ink. The ‘Born This Way’ singer and ARTPOP star was inked with an anchor on her side, near her boob. It’s small, but it’s also super poignant.

Gaga bared the tattoo, lifting up her shirt and nearly flashing us, on her Little Monsters site, positing: “New Tat. Stamp of His Mermaid.” Little monsters can put two and two together there and get four. Gaga played a mermaid in the video for her summer 2011 single ‘You & I,’ which featured actor Taylor Kinney, who went on to become her boyfriend. So perhaps the tattoo and calling it the “stamp of his mermaid” is a reference to her relationship with Kinney, which is still going strong.

Instead of getting his name inked on her, which is the kiss of death when it comes to relationships, she went for something more symbolic and that which she wouldn’t need to laser off should the relationship go kaput. She recently shared the fifth and final fashion film for ‘You & I’ during which she married Kinney, so we’re apt to believe that things are going swimmingly (like a mermaid, mind you) in Gaga’s romance with the hunky actor.

Gaga recently had the word ‘ARTPOP’ inked on her, since that’s the name of her upcoming album. Like Justin Bieber, Ma Monster is racking up tattoos as of late. Both of their collections are booming, like their Twitter followings.

Remember when Gaga got inked by celeb tattooist Kat Von D? Relive it here.

PopCrushers, what do you think of Gaga’s new tatt?

Watch the Lady Gaga ‘You & I’ video

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