What Are The Reasons You Can Get A Ticket For Your License Plates In WA?

As a young driver many years ago I'd try and skirt the law. If my license plate fell off my car, I would just put it in the window but is legal to do that in Washington State?

Police Officer Writing Ticket

As I drive around the Tri-Cities, I always see some unusual things going on with license plates.

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I see cars with no plates, no front plates, no tabs, and other things that you think would get you a ticket so it got me thinking, what are the other ways can you get a ticket for your license plates in Washington State?

Woman in car signing speeding ticket for policeman

I did a little digging and here are five other reasons that I came across from various websites concerning license plates in Washington State.

5 Ways You Get Ticketed for Your License Plates in Washington State

Here are five ways you can get a ticket for your license plates in Washington State

So there you go, five reasons that you could a ticket for your license plates in Washington. I do look back with a smirk that stupid young me got away with a lot of stuff that adult me would never try.

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