Playing Little League baseball might be as American as hot dogs and apple pie, but it’s way more expensive.

A new report proves it.

According to The New York Times, the minimum cost for a bat, ball, glove and other basic necessities can go for more than $450.

Of course, this is just for the high end stuff like a pair of Nike Jordan Black Cat cleats and bats from major retailers. There are still deals for used or discount equipment to be had, but if a kid is making a go at the big show, they’ll need the good stuff. Mike May, of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, called the cost “dizzying at times.”

A lot of the costs have been passed on to the parents. Most local Little League outfits are no longer connected to city-run civic organizations or parks and recreation departments because of slashed budgets and cutbacks. So, most Little League groups are privately run and can come with high fees and equipment requirements that have to be provided by the parents.

One parent said he spent more than $11,000 in one year for his two children just to play baseball — and that doesn’t even include travel costs.

A Breakdown of Basic Costs for a Kid’s Little League Baseball Equipment

  • Bat (from a major retailer) - $219.99 to $249.99
  • Baseball glove – $129.99
  • Batting helmet – $39.99
  • Nike Jordan Black Cat cleats – $51.99
  • Batting gloves – $19.99

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