A Kennewick shooting has been linked to a Pasco man after his lost hat's DNA links him to the crime.

The shooting happened on 11/25/20 at approximately 11:30 AM, Kennewick Police responded to the 2100 block of N. Steptoe St in Kennewick, WA for a report of several gunshots.

Upon arrival officers located several bullet holes in a residence.

Officers and responding detectives conducting the initial investigation located a video from a home security system in the area and were able to observe the unknown suspect in the process of committing the alleged crime and fleeing the scene.

A still photo of the suspect was later posted to the KPD Facebook page asking the community for help with identification.

Here is how they caught the alleged shooting according to the report filed by the Kennewick Police Department:

A few days later, a citizen walking in the area located a stocking hat that appeared to match the one the suspect was wearing. The citizen had seen the earlier Facebook post and thought the located hat may be related. Detectives responded to the area and recovered the hat as evidence. The hat was later sent to the Washington State Patrol crime lab for DNA analysis. This week we were advised the crime lab was able to identify DNA located on the hat as belonging to 23-year-old Shea Smith. With this information, as well as additional evidence gathered throughout the investigation an arrest warrant was issued for Smith alleging five counts of Assault 2nd and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. This information was provided to area law enforcement and earlier this afternoon Smith was arrested in Pasco on an unrelated investigation. Upon being booked at Franklin County Jail, Smith was positively identified and Pasco Police Department contacted us to advise Smith was in custody.

KPD says they would like to thank the community members who provided information in this case which directly helped in the identification and arrest of Smith.

They also would also like to thank the great work of the Washington State Patrol for rapidly completing the DNA analysis and the Pasco Police Department for taking Smith into custody and helping bring this case to a close.

It's just another example of why crime doesn't pay.

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