DNA is all the rage right now, I'm still awaiting my results from Ancestry.com as my wife got me a kit for Christmas. You never know who you share DNA with and now a Kennewick man's DNA has been traced back to the famous "Kennewick Man".

Kennewick Man is the skeletal remains of a prehistoric man who dates back 8-9 thousand years before the present and found along the banks of the Columbia River.

This is where the story gets interesting, Alexis Sanchez went to pick out a book at the Mid-Columbia Library and discovered a bust of the Kennewick Man and it made her stop in her tracks.

Kennewick Man looked strikingly similar to her dad and that sent her on a quest to get her father's DNA tested to see if there was link between her dad and the Kennewick Man.

The results where shocking as DNA confirmed a link between her dad and the Pre-historic Kennewick Man.

Wow! A shocking discovery!

The interesting thing, her dad came from Mexico when he was 16 but his long-lost ancestor settled in Kennewick - I think it gives a new meaning to the saying that it's really a small world.

You can check out more on the story here  



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