Don’t expect to nab a necklace containing Madonna‘s DNA a la Justin Bieber any time soon. The Material Girl is making sure she leaves no skin cells or hair behind. Madge reportedly employs a sterilization team to come in and clean up her dressing rooms after concerts on her current tour, wiping away any traces or remnants of her DNA so that it won’t be stolen. So it’s literally removing the ‘DNA’ from the MDNA tour!

The Winnipeg Free Press reports that Madge told concert organizers that only members of her entourage may have backstage access. Concert promoter Álvaro Ramos, who is overseeing the Portuguese leg of the tour, spilled the beans about her unusual demands.

“We have to take extreme care like I have never seen for any other artist. We cannot even look at the dressing room after it is ready, or even open the door,” Ramos said at a press conference. “We can only enter after her sterilization team has left the room. There will not be any of Madonna’s DNA, any hair, or anything. They will clean up everything. In the end, it is all to protect her and make her feel comfortable.”

Ramos added, “I do understand it, but it is taken to extremes.”

That’s putting it lightly. To have her own people come in like people who clean up crime scenes is taking things a bit far, no? What exactly is she being protected from? Someone taking a strand of hair?

Ramos confirmed that her team will construct her dressing room, saying, “Her team will build everything for her, including fake ceilings and fake walls, so they can ensure that no one has hidden a camera somewhere.”

A source close to the Material Girl reportedly said, “She is a perfectionist, and expects the best. But then, at her age and with her status, why shouldn’t she?”

That’s not in question, but does Madge really think someone will lift her DNA and try and create a clone? Or even worse, sell it in a necklace?

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Is Madge being paranoid or is she just cautious?

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