"Call Mr. Plow, that's my name, that name again, is Mr. Plow."

The above is Homer Simpson, with one of his many side hustles over the course of thirty-plus TV seasons on FOX. Homey keepin' it simple.

Washingtonians? They like to get a little more creative. Like riffing on another pristine piece of pop culture, the 1998 cult classic film, "The Big Lebowski."

Apologies for not bringing this to you before the chance to vote on it had passed, but I hope you'll agree, I see they knocked it out of the park when it came down to the official handle. Ladies and gentlemen we present: The Big Leplowski.


After hundreds of suggestions and several rounds of voting, WSDOT East says we have a winner for the name of its new tow plow. And the plow abides.

"The Big Leplowski" joins "Plowie McPlow Plow" on the snowy roads this year. Home to the only tow plows in Washington state, it's WSDOT East.


Take a look at the christening of "The Big Leplowski" this past Monday morning here. "The Big Leplowski" will be serving the greater Spokane area alongside WSDOT East’s other tow plow, "Plowie McPlow Plow," a name bestowed upon by the public in a vote last year.

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The tow plow is designed to be towed and extended out at an angle behind a plow truck to clear a secondary lane simultaneously. Tow plows are also equipped with a granular spreader and liquid tanks to disperse deicing materials.


Earlier this week a piece was posted about roadway deaths in Washington state due to snow and ice was 4.6%. New machinery like this will hopefully help in lowering that number even further. Remember, slowing down is always a good idea. Grandma driving, embrace it.

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