When it comes to his faltering marriage, you could say Dino Spinelli put some gasoline on the fire when he put some water in the tank.

The 36-year-old Wisconsin man was charged Tuesday for felony criminal damage to property for allegedly filling the gas tank of his wife's car with water last summer. Spinelli was reportedly trying to get back at her because she wanted a separation.

Spinelli reportedly took the little missus' BMW while she was working and filled the tank with H2O, causing $12,000 worth of damage to the car. That's a big problem, especially when you consider the Beemer is only worth six grand.

Spinelli's wife tried to drive the car when she left work, but it died on her quicker than the chances of this marriage working out.

Spinelli confessed to the prank and admitted it was dumb, although we think it's more appropriate to say it was a fuel-ish thing to do. Rim shot, please!

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