Was a medical marijuana delivery man in West Covina, CA, actually robbed by ninjas last week? That’s what the man, who is only described as being in his 40s, alleges. And so far the police are taking his claim seriously.

What apparently happened was the deliverer was returning to his car after dropping off a package of pot to a patient. Then, suddenly, a pair of ninjas appeared out of nowhere. (As ninjas tend to do.)

Startled, the man dropped a bag containing marijuana and some cash, which the ninjas quickly scooped up and ran off with.

Two guys jumped out of the bushes dressed like ninjas, waving batons,” West Covina police Lt. Alan Henley explained. “It just sounds so unique and bizarre. We haven’t had any similar incidents.”

Do you buy the delivery man’s tale, or do you think he may have been getting into what he was supposed to be delivering? For all we know ninjas have been robbing those who deal in marijuana for ages, it’s just these couriers didn’t report it to the police because such deliveries used to always be illegal. Or perhaps this is the work of a group of teenage, pizza-loving turtle vigilantes.

[via SGV Tribune]