A marijuana vending machine is no longer merely a stoner’s pipe dream. In California there is now a fully operational medical marijuana vending machine.

Yes, you read that right! Unfortunately for some, it isn't as user friendly as it sounds. To purchase a dose you need a signature swipe card, authorized thumbprint, and a secret pin code.

There are mixed reviews about this recent “progressive” development.  Some have defended the dope vending machine by saying that the vending interface adds more safe guards to medical marijuana transactions. Others have suggested that this is just one more example of the downward slide of society's scruples.

You may be surprised to hear that a Mary Jane dispenser isn’t the strangest thing out there; here are some of my favorites:

  • Lobster Machine: Over 100 US Restaurants carry the “Maine Lobster Game”, a vending machine that for $3 gives you 15 seconds to try to catch a live lobster with the metal claw provided.
  • Pizza Machine: In Italy there are vending machines called “Let’s Pizza” that for $5 -$8 allow you to make an individual pizza from scratch in less than 3 minutes. You get to watch through a window as the machine kneads crust, adds toppings, and bakes.
  • Gold Machine: In Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, and Moscow airports you can purchase a one-gram gold bar for around $50 in a popular vending machine “Gold to Go”.
  • Live Bait Machine: Many prime fishing spots in the US are hosting “PA Live Bait Vending” which offers night crawlers, minnows, crayfish, blood worms, and leeches for only $3 day or night.
  • Toilet Paper Machine: In Japan many restrooms do not offer toilet paper for free!  Single use packets of toilet paper are offered in vending machines for $1 in many public restrooms throughout Japan.

These vending machines are all pretty exotic however; The Key Crew has been campaigning for a Bacon Vending Machine for years! We'll keep holding our breath for that one!




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