During the debate over legalization how many times did you hear, "This is no different than my dad wanting a glass of fine wine to sip at the end of a stressful day." Well, one difference was the amount your dad paid for that wine. One marijuana retailer wants to change that.

All of the parallels people draw between Washington wine and marijuana inspired one retailer to create a $49 cannabis cigarette... ROLLED IN 24-KARAT GOLD!

The cigarette is one gram of quality cannabis with a high THC content.

The packaging includes a black box with gold lettering and "short stories about famous gifts" given by celebrities.

According to the paper manufacturer, the gold stays on the ashes and is not consumed... although it is so thin it could be consumed without adverse effects.

The store only ordered 500 units of "The Gift" and I have no idea how well they sold during the holidays.

Buccina Studios
Buccina Studios

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