Officials with Oregon drug task force groups say they're the biggest marijuana plants they've seen.

According to,  officials with the Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team (BENT)  have been working near the Cold Springs area not far from the Columbia River, taking out one of the biggest pot growing operations they've ever come across.

The size doesn't stem from the acreage, but the SIZE of the plants in what's described as a heavily wooded, vegetative area.

BENT officials had to use chainsaws to drop some of the marijuana plants, which were said to be more like trees! The grow was spotted by aerial authorities, as specially trained BENT officials scour the countryside looking for pot operations.

Usually they can be easily spotted from overhead, even if they're hidden inside other forests or plant growth. But due to the large amount of vegetation, officials had to send in ground units to confirm it was a growing operation.

When BENT crews landed onsite, they didn't find any traces of people, so it's not likely any charges will be filed, unless they find evidence leading to anyone. But the crop was ready for harvest, and they also found extensive garbage and a PVC pipe system used to help provide water.

Usually, say officials, pot plants can be somewhat easily uprooted by hand, including the root ball. But these were so large they had to use chain saws and other tools to cut them down.

The site was purposely planted, hundreds of plants said BENT officials, and evidence of hand watering and digging.



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