The Army Corp Of Engineers is offering up free firewood, the only catch is you have to cut it and haul it away.

The trees are available near Ice Harbor Park and Dam near Pasco until May or while they last.

The trees are cut down and considered old or diseased and the Corps cut the trees before the parks open in the summer.

There are a few catches, the wood can't be sold or used for commercial purposes.

You will also need to be 18 and older and apply for a permit. You are allowed to bring two other people to help move the wood and have all the safety equipment like boots, gloves and goggles along with wood cutting equipment.

If you would to get free wood, contact the Tri-Rivers Natural Resources Department at (509) 547 - 2048. You might need to leave a message but they'll get back to you.

You can check out more details on the free wood here  

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