Have you ever noticed someone's porch light is sometimes different than the classic?

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It was just the other day that I read about what a GREEN porch light means. As it turns out there are several different colors representing several different causes, and support of various groups or organizations.

I remember that a blue pumpkin, is for autism awareness. Of course, on St Patrick's Day, a lot of people replace the classic light bulb with a green bulb.

I do find it interesting that different colored porch lights symbolize several significant issues.

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Important: If you see a neighbor's porch light flashing, it could mean your neighbor is in distress. If you see a porch light flickering it’s important for people to take note of this and report it when appropriate.  It may be more than a bad bulb or loose wire.

If you want to support a particular group, organization, or cause, a great way to show it is with a colored light bulb.

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