Who's Been Cooking Meth Next To You? Interactive Map Shows You

Meth is bad and now there is an interactive map that'll show if there are or have been any Meth labs in your neighborhood over the last decade.

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Umatilla County Oregon Has A Large Amount Of Reported Meth Labs

Illegal drugs are no laughing matter and keeping your kids away from them should be one of your top priorities as a parent. It might surprise you on how easy it is for a person to set up their own home as a Methamphetamine lab.

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According to the Washington State Department of Health website, a meth lab can be set up using common household equipment and chemicals.

The site says:

The different ways of making meth can involve explosives, solvents, metals, salts, and corrosives. Meth labs have been found in homes, sheds, barns, motel, and hotel rooms, outside in the woods, and in car trunks. Manufacturing or "cooking" meth can leave behind large amounts of toxic waste.

Here is why a Meth lab is dangerous in a neighborhood:

Toxic chemical fumes, spills, explosions, and fires make meth labs dangerous places. Meth cooks, their family members, and first responders are often the ones who are injured (or worse) in illegal drug labs. Waste dumped from meth labs can expose people to toxic chemicals. People picking up litter on the side of a road have been injured from meth lab waste dumps.

There is now an interactive map that'll let you look at the DEA compilation of busted meth labs over the last 10 years to see if anyone near you has been cooking Methamphetamine.

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The American Addiction Centers, Inc. on their website rehabs.com created a map that allows you to check and see how close a meth lab has been near you in the last 10 years.

All you have to do is enter your zip code or city. Click here to see the map.

I also deep-dived into the DEA's National Clandestine Drug Labs website in the United States map and discovered that Benton County had 15 such labs and Umatilla County had over 43 labs - you can check out the interactive map here

Methamphetamine Labs are bad for the neighborhood so it's always good to know where some of these trouble areas are in Washington State.

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