Hate going to the grocery store? There are people in your neighborhood getting food from Azure Standard (based out of Dufur, Oregon) through their computers.My friends browse through a massive selection of food, beauty products, health items, cleaners, and much more. They get bulk or even just normal amounts -- mostly at a cheaper price than the grocery store. For example, they get a frozen pizza for $8.05 or 8 pizzas for $58.40. There are "drop points" around Tri-Cities, or you can arrange to meet the truck driver in a parking lot somewhere.

Dop points in the Tri-Cities area are:

  • Go Healthy Next on 608 N. Garfield St. in Kennewick
  • Burbank
  • 2 locations in West Kennewick
  • 1 drop point in Richland at someone's home.

Call 971-200-8350 for more information.

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