The Top 10 Reasons Locals Declare Tri-Cities as a Prime Living Destination

I moved to Tri-Cities in 2007 coming in from Bakersfield California. I was born and raised in Washington so coming back to my home state wasn't a big swing, I'm a fan of the Evergreen State and I call it home.

Photo by Emmanuel Munoz on Unsplash
Photo by Emmanuel Munoz on Unsplash

Tri-Cities Residents Unveil 10 Compelling Reasons Why TC Is Ideal Living

I lived in Idaho, Montana, and California in my radio career but for me, Washington State is the place you'll most likely find me.

A recent Reddit post has one poster considering moving to Tri-Cities and here were her thoughts:

"We are considering moving to Tri-cities coming from Olympia and people are discouraging us, saying TC is dry and "dirt" not much to do, and "people shouldn't be living there." I did research and watched YouTube videos about the area and looked beautiful to me. I have 3 girls and I want to house them in a spacious home with a nice backyard where they can play and we can landscape. Housing is limited here in Olympia and new constructions are way expensive let alone the older ones." 

By Umptanum at English Wikipedia - Taken on a lovely 50°F Sunday, January 15, 2006 for the specific purpose of being uploaded to the Wikipedia., Public Domain,
By Umptanum at English Wikipedia - Taken on a lovely 50°F Sunday, January 15, 2006 for the specific purpose of being uploaded to the Wikipedia., Public Domain,
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Folks jumped in, some good and some bad but 10 things stuck out to me on why the Tri-Cities is a great place to live.

Here are 10 bullet points on why someone would choose to live in the Tri-Cities:

DonConquistador wrote:

If you're going to raise a family and do stuff with kids and outdoors, you will love it. If you want to be a party animal, you will be spending a lot of weekends traveling to Portland, Seattle, and Vegas.

There are a lot of outdoor activities around here. The elevation is low so we rarely get snow compared to the surrounding areas. The wind in the spring isn’t as bad as some people say.

Just remember that travel across the mountain pass can get shut down sometimes due to winter weather. So if you’re going to drive back to Olympia in the winter, that could make it more difficult to visit family.

facebook/atomic ale
facebook/atomic ale

riannaearl wrote:

Because it doesn't rain as much out here as it does on the west side, and spring and fall are warmer, BBQ season is longer! Woo!

Blue_Skies_1970 wrote:

I see a lot of people bbq'ing at parks. There are beaches on the Columbia and Snake, too. FYI, gardening is great in the Tri-Cities but your water bill will show it. We get very little natural rainfall and it is an adjustment.

thenatural134 wrote:

If you come visit when the local semi-professional hockey team is playing you should go to a game. They are always fun!

As you can see the locals love it here in the Tri-Cities so there are plenty of reasons to live in the Columbia Basin.


Why consider Tri-Cities
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