Mark Zuckerberg took a break from finding ways to invade people’s privacy this weekend to marry his longtime love, Priscilla Chan. We already know what music the Facebook founder likes — so what tunes did he play at his wedding?

The King of Social Networking is apparently a huge fan of the King of Pop. TMZ reports that Michael Jackson songs comprised a bulk of the billionaire’s playlist.

Uptempo songs were the most played at the party, which Zuckerberg and Chan told guests was to celebrate her graduation from med school. Flo Rida, Bon Jovi and Jackson’s lil’ sis, Janet, were also featured.

Strangely, Zuckerberg’s subscriptions of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and John Mayer weren’t reported to be heard from the soiree. It’s rumored that Green Day may have performed, based on a video shot through bushes — you can hear Billie Armstrong singing, but you can’t actually see anything that’s going on.

In any case, congrats to the happy couple! Here’s hoping no one tagged photos of him trying to moonwalk.

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