Five Washington State Laws That Take Effect In 2024

As the New Year kicks off for 2024, Washington State has several new laws that'll take effect.


What Are The New Laws For 2024 In Washington State? What You Need To Know

Here are five laws that will be updated or changed for 2024 in Washington State.

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Minimum Wage:

It might surprise some that Tukwila will be the town with the highest minimum wage in 2024, not Seattle. Washington’s minimum wage will be $16.28 per hour beginning Jan. 1, 2024. Workers who are 14 or 15 years old may be paid 85% of the adult minimum wage or $13.84 per hour.

Some places have local minimum wage whereas Seattle's will be $19.97 but Tukwila will have the state's highest at $20.29 according to KOMO News.


Gun Waiting Period:

According to Fox 13, a ten-day waiting period for purchasing any gun will also begin in 2024. You'll also need to do a safety training program and pass it or show proof of exemption will go into effect. Before 2024, a waiting period was only required for purchasing semi-automatic weapons

Drag Racing:

Washington State hopes to crack down on street drag racing and has broadened the scope of what it considers "street" racing and will be able to seize a vehicle involved in racing

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Drug Testing:

As Marijuana is legal in the Evergreen State, there will be new limitations on drug testing for cannabis in the workplace. Cannabis is expected to be treated like Alcohol in future drug testing.

Paid Sick Leave:

Construction workers are now being allowed paid sick leave going forward in 2024, they had originally been off the list of those covered in the previous law. Good news for construction workers in 2024.

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There are five of the newest laws in 2024 for Washington State.

Always best to do your research as laws and rulings change frequently throughout the year.

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