Brendan Haas came up with a pretty cool way to give back to military families. Inspired by the famous story of the guy who through a long chain of Craigslist trades was able to turn a paperclip into a house, a nine-year old launched what he called the “Soldier for a Soldier” initiative. Starting with a toy soldier, Haas kept trading up until he amassed $900 worth of Disney gift certificates, airfare and hotel credits.

Then, over Memorial Day weekend, Haas put in a hat the names of families of fallen soldiers that he had gathered from Facebook. The trip went to the wife and two-year-old daughter of US Army Lt. Timothy Steele, a 25-year-old soldier killed in Afghanistan last year.

When Disney caught wind of Haas’ good deed they offered the boy and his family their own trip to Disney. But Haas wasn’t having any of it.

“We can’t accept a trip to Disney,” Haas explained. “But we have many more people who would like to have an all-expenses paid [trip]…so we can do another raffle.”

Learn more about Haas, a most stubborn of do-gooders, in the video below.

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