What Is Washington State's Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? There's a new survey that says what Washingtonians love a certain flavor of ice cream but I think the survey got it wrong.

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Do You Like Vanilla Ice Cream The Best?

There's a new survey from Travel and Leisure and it's saying that Washingtonians love a certain flavor of ice cream but I'm not so sure the survey got it right.

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The survey broke down all 50 states and some of the flavors are off the beaten path so I'm not sure who filled out the survey.

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Washington State's Favorite Ice Cream Isn't What You Think

California, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona love Rocky Road. Idaho and Oregon according to the survey like the same flavor as Washington and it seems like a far stretch but maybe it's your favorite flavor.

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According to the survey, Green Tea ice cream seems to be the favorite ice cream of Washingtonians. Yes, no Chocolate, no Vanilla, and not even Strawberry seemed to have not made the list.

I did a little more digging and discovered the survey was done by Instacart who you'd think would be the experts on delivered food. After looking at the survey, I soon discovered that Vanilla is the most purchased flavor of ice cream in Washington State.

The survey took it one step further and asked what flavor you'd pick outside of your Vanilla comfort zone and it looks like Washington picked Green Tea.

I'd still pick Vanilla, the clear winner in every state.

Do you agree with the survey? If you don't go for Vanilla, what flavor do you go for?

You can check out the survey here and see all the rest of the 50 states' picks for their favorite ice cream.

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