Progress is happening every day on the North Spokane Corridor Project.

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The North Spokane Corridor (NSC) is a 10.5 mile freeway linking Interstate 90 to U.S. Route 395.  Currently, 5.5 miles are complete and operational. According to WSDOT, the entire project is expected to be finished by 2030.

Another huge piece of the project is nearing completion.

The Wellesley Avenue interchange will connect to the northern portion of the freeway motorists have already been driving. This finished part of the project adds 2.5 miles of drivable link to the freeway. A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for Thursday, November 16th at 2 pm.

When completed, what will be the end result?

At completion, this project will connect to US 395 at Wandermere and US 2 to the north and connect to I-90 near the Freya/Thor interchange to the south. This will create a 60-mile per hour, 10.5-mile-long north/south limited access facility. Interchanges will be located at Wellesley Avenue and Trent Avenue (SR 290) in addition to the ones already complete at Francis/Freya Street, Parksmith Drive, US 2, and US 395 at Wandermere.

Take a look of a virtual drive-through of the Wellesely interchange, courtesy of WSDOT.

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