You might have noticed something different if you were shopping at Walmart this weekend and that's new arrows on the floor pointing in different directions.

Due to social distancing, Walmart has been implementing new policies to help shoppers navigate the new world of distancing. Walmart has already made special hours for senior citizens but now several new policies have been added to your shopping experience at Walmart.

It started Saturday as Walmart started limiting the number of customers in their stores. The new policy is no more than 5 customers for every 1,000 square feet at a given time - think of it like "one in, one out".

Another big change is that you'll see is one-way arrows in aisles, limiting traffic so people can keep their distance while shopping. It is actually a brilliant idea as we all know how jam-packed an aisle can get when people are going down the aisle both ways.

Walmart has posted its new policies on its website so if you want to read more about these new policies, click here.  

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