I can imagine this would be completely terrifying for anyone here's the scoop...

On Tri-Cities Craigslist this morning:

hi, I am currently missing a pet goat. she is only about a week old, and she has very little chance of surviving without her mom and sister. her name is cookie, she is an alpine goat with colorful fur and is extremely small. my place is around gum and 23rd in kennewick/finley. If you found her or know anything about her, please contact me. I am afraid that her sister will not survive without her as today she wasn't energetic or lively. they are very close. together they are cookie monster and they have a loving family who misses her dearly. please text/call me with any information you may have at 509 three six six 9 six 6 0.
please if you have her, contact me..I just want her back and so do her mom and sister. Thank you!
[in the photos, cookie is the brown, white and black marbled one.]

Help if you can